Nutrition for Surgery

At MESH Performance, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive nutritional support throughout every stage of your surgical journey. From pre-surgery preparation to post-operative recovery and long-term rehabilitation, our specialized services are designed to optimize your healing and overall well-being.


  • Pre-Surgery Nutritional Assessment: Begin your surgical journey with a thorough nutritional assessment to ensure you're adequately prepared for the procedure ahead.

  • Pre-Surgery Muscle Mass and Body Composition Assessment: Gain insights into your muscle mass and body composition, helping us tailor your nutritional plan for optimal surgical outcomes.

  • Nutritional Optimization for Surgery: Receive personalized nutritional guidance to prime your body for surgery, promoting better wound healing and recovery.

  • Post-Surgery Nutritional Rehab: Our specialized post-surgery nutritional plans are designed to accelerate wound healing, minimize complications, and support a faster and smoother recovery.

  • Long-Term Rehabilitation: As you transition back to your normal lifestyle and diet, our guidance ensures a gradual and healthy return, maintaining the progress you've made.

a multicolored building made of wooden blocks
a multicolored building made of wooden blocks